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Did You Miss the Most Important
Anti-aging Breakthrough of Your Lifetime?


New Life Span Experiments Shock the Scientific World
New Health & Longevity Update
Subject: Special Anti-aging Bulletin

     In the next few minutes, you'll discover the exactly how to exploit a major breakthrough in anti-aging science, and get it working inside every cell in your body- plus the real shocker that blows away even these astounding headlines...

Update: WebMD reports: this same enzyme that dramatically extends life in mice also stops your hair from turning gray.


Catalase Enyme Fountain of Youth Discovered in Mouse Experiment? Halifax News

Catalase enzyme extends mouse lifespan- Medical News Today





     The big story: scientists at the University of Washington in Seattle announced that they are now able to extend life span in laboratory mice by nearly 20%... the human equivalent of almost 24 years.

    "Until this study, it wasn't clear that it was truly a cause [of aging in mammals] or an effect that correlated with age," Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School, Boston, told The Scientist. "It's a pretty big deal."

    And the world's most respected news organizations agree...

Catalase Enzyme a Key to Long Life- BBC News

Catalase Enzyme Study- Antioxidants May Lengthen Life- Fox News

Cellular Antioxidant Extends Mice's Life Span- ABC News

    Yes, I'd say it's a "pretty big deal." And the scientific community is just as excited. Take a look at the headlines from some of the most respected science publications in the world...

Lifespan Extended by Catalase Enzyme- RxPG News

Catalase Enzyme Research Bolsters Free Radical Theory of Aging- Scientific American

“This study is very supportive of the free-radical theory of aging,” said researcher Dr. Peter Rabinovitch. “It shows the significance of free radicals, and of reactive oxygen species in particular, in the aging process.” - Science, May 2005

    These are only a handful of the news stories exploding across the news wires within two days of this groundbreaking announcement. I could show you 20 more reports from the scientific and popular press. You can easily look up "catalase" in Yahoo News or Google News and see for yourself.

    But I'm sure you'd rather know exactly how to take advantage of this breakthrough to improve your health, and give yourself the maximum chance to live longer and healthier than ever before possible... right?

    But there's a big problem...

    Simply put, there is no catalase pill. The mice in the studies were genetically altered to produce higher amounts of catalase. And a similar therapy for humans is years away.

     And all the time, every minute that ticks away, we're both getting older...

Catalase Extends Mouse Lifespan- The Scientist

    You know what's coming next, don't you? So-called "catalase supplements" will soon be popping up everywhere. "One-a-Day, now with catalase." And you can be sure they'll be nothing more than "fairy dust" and snake oil.

    Because you cannot get any benefit from taking a "catalase pill." And if you don't learn anything else from me today, you need to know that.

    So why am I even writing you this special bulletin? Because there is a way for you to benefit, right now, from this latest anti-aging breakthrough. A secret that only a few know about. And I'm going to let you in on it...

    But first, to find the truth, we need to go back to the same science that is producing the astonishing results...

Genetically Engineered Mice Defy Aging Process- Daily News Cenrtral



     Defy the aging process. How sweet the sound! Just days ago, no news outlet in the country would have been caught dead running these headlines.

    But just like that, in the blink of an eye, the world has changed...

    Keep in mind, there are reams of solid, scientific data behind these statements. And I will personally show you a lot of it, if you're interested. Just email me from the contact page. There is a huge amount of data- thousands of relevant papers, and more published every day. 

    But here's the "down and dirty" version:

  • Your body already makes this miracle enzyme catalase

  • Catalase is only one of three anti-aging enzymes in your body this moment - and it's not even the strongest one...

  • There is a safe and easy way to quickly boost the activity and expression of catalase inside your cells

    That's right. There is no catalase pill. And the gene mod experiments aren't ready for human testing. But there is a way to increase the free-radical destroying activity of catalase, glutathione peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase- the "holy trinity" of anti-aging enzymes- inside your cells.

    We have the studies to prove it. In animals and humans. And we've been saying it for years.

    You see, we're not surprised at all at this breakthrough news. To anybody who really reads the available science, the truth is obvious. It's a foregone conclusion. We've known for 25 years that these antioxidant enzymes- including catalase- are the key to forestalling aging and degenerative disease.

Scientists Discover Key to Longer Life- the Catalase Enzyme Experiments- Sci Tech Today

    The only question is this: short of human genetic engineering, how do you increase the levels and activity of these anti-aging enzymes inside your own cells?

    You see, there's a second anti-aging breakthrough that almost nobody's heard of yet. It may take another 25 years. Are you willing to wait until ABC News or CNN trumpets the story?

Human Antioxidant Catalase Helps Mice Live Longer- ABC News Online



    How old will you be in 25 years? Do the math. Is that scary or what?

    You need this information now. And that is the reason for this urgent bulletin tonight- to tell you exactly what you need to do to take advantage of this startling scientific advance.

    Four months ago, the Russian newspaper Pravda ran this headline:

Sour apples extend lifespan
02/02/2005 15:06

Russian scientists have finally found a way to extend human lifespan by 20-30 years. Such sensational statement has been made by the head of a group of eco-population analysis at the Institute of biochemical physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Mamaev.

Russian Scientists Use Apple Polyphenols to Extend Lifespan- Pravda

    Did you see this story? Probably not, unless you're one of our readers. ABC News didn't pick it up. Fox News missed it entirely. This one definitely flew "under the radar..."

    Maybe it's because we're still holding a grudge against the Russians? You tell me. Because what was reported in this obscure story simply blows away all these other headlines now streaking across the major news wires.

    The fact is, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Biochemical Physics reported in February that their experiments extend the lifespan of laboratory mice by 56%.

    This time, I'll do the math. The Russians have reported lifespan gains 302% greater than the University of Washington research that lit up the news wires.

    And you'll love this: they're not genetically engineering the mice.

    They're getting these results from feeding the mice apples. Lots of apples. Specifically, immature green apples. Apples far too bitter for humans to eat, but loaded with a special phytochemical compound.

    What is this secret Russian compound returning three times the lifespan gains, without genetic engineering?

    A safe, natural substance: apple polyphenols.

Scientists Learn the Secret of Aging- the Catalase Enzyme Research- Hindustan Times

     If it were only the Russians doing this research, that would be exciting. But it's happening all over the world. Let's take a quick trip to Spain...

     In March 2005, researchers in Madrid reported that high doses of apple polyphenols "increased glutathione concentration and gene expression of Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase and catalase..."

    Increased gene expression of catalase. Exactly what the UW researchers engineered their long-lived mice to do.

    But in the Madrid study, they did it with polyphenols found in apples. And they didn't just increase catalase.     They increased concentration and gene expression of catalase, and all the other major antioxidant enzymes.

    In 2004, Chinese researchers reported that a single apple polyphenol "significantly increased... the activity of SOD." (In anti-aging circles, SOD [superoxide dismutase] is considered even more important than catalase.)

Scientists extend animal life span, ultimately people may live longer- News Journal India

    Back home in the U.S., researchers at Ohio State University discovered that polyphenols showed "enhancement of antioxidants glutathione peroxidase and catalase." Remember that all three human antioxidants, including catalase, are vitally important in anti-aging free-radical science.

    Now, I know this gets a little technical. But I know you're starting to see the common thread in all these studies. And if you read them, you will see what I see. And that is this:

    If you are truly serious about the possibility of extending or maximizing your life span, and increasing your healthy years free of the ravages of age-related disease and decline, then you simply need to be taking several grams of apple polyphenols every day.

    And if you're not serious, why on earth would you have you read this far?

“What we’re realizing now is that by intervening in the underlying aging process, we may be able to produce very significant increases in ’healthspan,’ or healthy lifespan.” - Dr. Peter Rabinovich, lead researcher in the University of Washington study

    You know, I could "dumb down" this letter and make it a lot more accessible. But I think you deserve a look at the real evidence. And this is not even the whole story. Not even close.

    But if you have an interest in being able, for the first time, to actually intervene in your own process of aging, you now have the information you need to make an informed decision. 

"Most of us can simply look forward to suffering and dying from heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, macular degeneration- and the list goes on and on- unless we literally attack the underlying cause of all of these diseases- oxidative stress." - Ray D. Strand, MD

    We have brought this exclusive antioxidant formula to the United States public, for the first time, for this very reason. Because you deserve access to something that can give you these profound, life-changing, anti-aging results.

    We have this formula in a bottle for you. You won't find it anywhere else. Feel free to research this yourself. You may want to look for other suppliers of pure, 100% apple polyphenols. Go ahead. There are none. Zero.

     Apple Poly® is the only pure laboratory-grade formula in a bottle anywhere. No fillers. No sugars. Free of pesticides. All pure product extracted from sour apple skins- the richest source of apple polyphenols on the planet, period.

    Do you need more proof? We have it. All you have to do is ask.

    But let me ask you: are you willing to wait another 25 years until CNN announces the "news" that apple polyphenols extend life span? Or would you rather get your hands on this formula, at no risk, right now?

Increase Catalase Enzyme with Apple Polyphenols

    Here's all you really need to know:

  • FACT: Catalase is proven to extend the life span of mammals

  • FACT: Apple polyphenols are proven to increase catalase

    Someday, we may be able to genetically engineer ourselves to live longer even longer. But until that day comes, you have to use the best available science to give yourself every chance to live a longer, healthier life, free from degenerative disease.

    You now have clear scientific evidence that it is possible to intervene in the aging process. It's a reality. Not in some far off "someday." Right here, right now, today.

Increase catalase now

The only supplement proven to increase catalase enzyme- apple polyphenols

    Your order ships fast, often the same day. We care about our clients, and we unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction. If you don't love Apple Poly®, we'll buy it back. Period.

   Catalase is proven to increase life span in mammals. Apple polyphenols are proven to increase catalase.

David L. Kern reports on the new Catalase Enzyme Anti-aging research breakthrough
New Health & Longevity
Apple Poly LLC

PS. WebMD reports that catalase stops hair graying- further proof that these same mechanisms are at work in both mice and in humans. The catalase experiments prove it's possible to intervene in the aging process. All you need now is a  way to increase catalase inside your cells. Order yours today

PPS. I personally take this formula every day. I wouldn't be without it. My close friends and family are taking it too. My own children and grandchildren take it- I buy it for them. People all over the U.S., Canada, Netherlands,  U.K., and Australia are ordering Apple Poly®. And when you take it, you'll know why. Try it now, risk-free



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